Spruce Lodge

The large farm house style lodge is the heart and soul of Camp Deerpark. From the time you arrive at camp and smell the fresh sprucelodge_winterbrewed coffee until you wave good-bye, Spruce Lodge will be your home in the country.  For generations children, youth, and families have been sitting in the living room or on the front porch singing, sharing a story, or just enjoying the tranquility of the open fields.Spruce Lodge houses twelve rooms with a total of 38 beds, the living room lounge, the dining room and kitchen, and the camp office.

You will feel completely at home in the country style dining room in Spruce Lodge.  Fresh coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate are available for you to enjoy all weekend long.  Spruce_Lodge_Dinning_roomDon’t rush off, a retreat at Camp Deerpark is the perfect place to get a refill on your coffee and continue the dinner conversation. Youth and adults are often found between meals sitting around a table playing a game or just having good conversation.  

The living room in Spruce Lodge provides the perfect setting for sipping hot chocolate in theSpruce_Lodge_living_room winter or watching the fall leaves through the picture window.  The living room is considered public space, but may be used for break-out sessions or informal meetings. Spruce_Lodge_room


Twelve rooms on the second floor of Spruce Lodge have a total of 38 beds.  Most rooms have their own sink and the bathrooms are shared.  Blankets and pillows are provided for all beds.  If your group requires separating men from women our weekend host will be happy to help you assign rooms. Spruce_Lodge_floor_plan