The Faith Chapel houses two meeting rooms and a lounge and public restrooms.  Both meeting rooms have comfortably padded chairs and a screen for projection.

Chapel Main Room—seats 80.  When Camp Deerpark was purchased in 1969 this room was called the Casino complete with several arcade games and a bar in the corner.Chapel-Main_Room  For more than forty years it has been a place where God’s people come to worship, fellowship, and learn.  There is nothing sweeter on a spring evening than to hear the sounds of worship flowing out of the chapel and up to the throne of God.


Chapel Sunroom—seats 60.  Added to Faith Chapel in 2004 the Sunroom is true to its name with five large picture windows that look out over the open fields at camp.  The Sunroom is the perfect setting for seminars and worship services.

 The Chapel Lounge is on the lower floor of Faith Chapel and provides a Chapel-Loungecomfortable space to gather around a fire or engage in a friendly game of ping pong.  The Chapel Lounge may be reserved by a group for a specific activity, but is considered public space for the weekend.