Challenge Trail

The Challenge Trail (also called a low ropes course) is an obstacle course for groups. Facilitated by a camp challenge-trailstaffperson, groups of 10-15 people work through challenges that boost self-confidence, facilitate group unity, and sharpen problem-solving skills. Your facilitator will lead the group in discussions of self-assessment, problem solving, as well as relating the challenges to daily struggles.

The Challenge Trail has been cited as a tool that has helped leaders bring together their middle school class, men’s group or co-workers. A four-hour session provides adequate time for a group to work through challenges and process the experience together.

A self-facilitator’s guide is available for families or groups that prefer to try the challenges on their own.

Challenge Trail Fees 

4-hour session facilitated by a camp staff: $50
2-hour session facilitated by a camp staff: $30

Self-guided groups may use the trail free of charge.