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June 16, 2017
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Hello Friends,

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that in due time he may exalt you. Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you. Be sober, be watchful..I Peter 5:6-8.  

Thank you for caring about Camp Deerpark and casting those cares at the throne of God.   

What’s Going On at Camp Deerpark:

This week Camp Deerpark hosted a group of folks from Pilgrim Mennontie Church in Akron, PA.  The primary project was turning piles of sawmill slabs into a mound of wood chips.  We try our best to use all of the trees we cut here at Camp Deerpark.  We have a pile of bark that we chip and use as mulch for flower beds.  The tops of the trees are left in the woods in a pile for small animals to hide in.  The sawmill slabs are chipped for hiking trails and playground cover.  The slabs that are to large for the chipper are cut into firewood.  The heart of each log is used for a structural post, beam, or rafter.  The outside of the log is cut into one inch stock that is used for exterior siding or interior paneling.  In the end every part of the tree has a purpose. 

Every person who helps in the process has a purpose.  The Forestry Stewardship team pay attention to the overall health of the forest and mark each individual tree for harvest.  Elias Ebert has exceptional chain saw skills and is hired to drop the trees.  Ben, George, and Gideon bring the trees in from the forest and cut the logs into board.  Volunteers like the folks at Pilgrim (there are far to many volunteers to mention) work at cutting, chipping, splitting, hauling, and stacking.  And finally our summer staff lead campers in worship around a fire while the children sit on wooden benches or shuffle their feet in wood chips.  Thanks to all of the folks who help to make the camp experience possible.  Thanks to God for the ability and opportunity to serve.

Praise God With Us For:

  • Caleb Benjamin Cheek was born on June 9 at 7:24 PM.  He is 6 lb, 12oz.  Mother and baby are healthy.
  • The last piece of the required Red Cross certificates came into place this week when Peter Zimmerman passed the lifeguard class.  We now have the most critical positions in place: a nurse, a Bible teacher, two lifeguards, a summer cook, head boys and girls counselors, two program interns.  Most of these folks will be here at camp next week for an early week of training and preparation.
  • Yaneli, Naidy, and Cesy who have committed to serving every weekend this summer in hosting support.  They will be helping clean camp between groups and serving meals to weekend retreat guests.  Thanks to Lilian Flores and Evangelical Garifuna Bronx for sending us these wonderful young women.
  • Two different people responded to the last kneemail and will both soon be engaged in grant research and writing.  Pray that God shows favor to their efforts.

Please Pray For:

  • The pool is open.  Pray for safety at the pool throughout the summer.
  • Three folks from Unity Church who are having a time of prayer and reflection at camp this weekend.
  • The Men’s and Women’s groups from the Cambodian Evangelical Fellowship.  This gathering brings together Cambodian believers from across the Northeast.
  • The Luna and Esteban families who will both be enjoying family time here at camp this weekend.
  • Erisman Mennonite who will be serving at camp next week. The big project will be replacing the Spruce Lodge porch floor.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the children, youth, and families of New York City.


Ken Bontrager

Executive Director