Our Philosophy of Camping

Because of their amount of contact with and impact on campers, the counselor fills the single most important role in the summer camp ministry. Counselors are to be role models and are called to extend love and grace to their campers.

At Camp Deerpark young people have the opportunity to grow as counselors, to develop leadership gifts, and to mature in their own spiritual journey even as they mentor younger persons.

Camp Deerpark provides a Christ-centered camping experience. Each day in varied settings (i.e. morning chapel, Bible classes, campfires, and nighttime cabin devotions) campers receive spiritual nourishment through music and worship, Bible memory, scripture lessons, and group sharing and discussion.

Christian education and nurture are integrated with activities like hiking, swimming, rafting, basketball, handball, volleyball, and hayrides. Our goal is to expose guests to nature in ways that feel safe to them.

Many visitors to camp have never before encountered creation in this magnitude; when they do, it can seem overwhelming. At Camp Deerpark, we are intentional about making nature experiences safe, fun, and meaningful.