Contact A Camper

Campers love to hear from home. Feel free to contact them in any of the following methods.


Email: Send an email to our director at [email protected] with the camper’s first and last name in the subject line. The email will be printed and passed to the camper at noon each day.


Phone: We have observed that a phone call can be a distraction to a child's experience, especially for 1st-time campers.  However, you are able to speak with a camper during most mealtimes (8:30-9am, 12:30-1pm, 5:30-6pm). Call the camp’s payphone (845) 754-8049 during these times and ask for your child by name.


Mail: Send a letter or postcard to:

Camp Deerpark
First and last name of camper
P.O. Box 394
Westbrookville, NY 12785