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    Choose the Date

  • Call Camp Deerpark to choose a date and facilities for your retreat. We book up to one year in advance and keep an active waiting list.
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    Visit Camp

  • If you have not been to Camp Deerpark or if it has been a while it is a good idea to visit camp and get acquainted with the facilities.  This is also a good time to spend some time with your planning team praying about your retreat.  If you come on a weekend we would love to have you join us for a meal. 
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    Registration Letter

  • When you have chosen your date camp will send you a registration letter outlining the specifics of your retreat including the rooms reserved, meals, and meeting space.  The registration letter also includes the due date for your deposit.
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  • A deposit and a signed registration form must be in camp’s office by their due date to fully reserve beds, meals and meeting space. When both signed registration and full deposit are in our office by their due date, the reserved weekend becomes confirmed and is no longer available for other groups.
  • Please click here to view our rates and fees.


Understanding the Deposit

  • A nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit of $35 (from May 21—Oct 14) or $25 (Oct 15May 20) per guest is required to reserve beds and meals.  Your deposit is based on the minimum accommodation of each lodgings booked.
  • Exclusive use of the camp requires a minimum deposit—peak season $3,850 ; off-peak season $2,750. Please inquire for details.
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  • Once your full deposit and signed registration form has been received, we will send your confirmation packet—which includes your confirmation paperwork, rooming list, camp map and retreat poster.
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    Prepare Your Group by Planning & Promoting Your Weekend

  • Develop a schedule—whether it is a highly structured or relaxed retreat, a schedule will help give your retreat direction.
  • Promote your retreat—target your audience.  Let each segment of your group know how your retreat can appeal to them.
  • Communicate the specific purpose of the retreat and share the schedule ahead of time—by offering a well-thought-out purpose and theme for your retreat, you can generate excitement and anticipation.
  • Designate three people to personally invite others—personalized recruitment works!
  • Get commitments from retreat participants—collect deposit money from participants before the weekend of the retreat.   Offer a lower “early registration” rate before a deadline date to encourage participants to give you a deposit (and their commitment) early.  After the date has come and gone, continue to encourage participation, but raise their deposit by $5; this can help finance some of the extra costs of materials, supplies, and transportation or guest honorariums.
  • Prepare the participants—(whether children, youth, or adults) for the blessings that will come to them through their retreat experience.
  • Make simple assignments—doing this can help retreaters focus on your planned theme.  Try asking group members to meditate on a passage of Scripture, do some extra reading, prepare a skit, or bring an appropriate object.
  • Make your group members aware of what to bring and how to find camp.
  • Think about logistics beforehand—early arrival of group leaders always means a better retreat experience for participants.  You can get a head start on making room assignments, arranging for extra bedding, photocopying schedules and gathering last-minute supplies, setting up sound equipment and your meeting space, or preparing for special needs.  Connecting with your host ahead of time allows us to take care of the details that will distract you from your ministry to the group when they arrive.
  • Have a "what to bring" checklist of supplies—this is helpful, both in packing to come to camp and to make sure you have collected everything you brought when it comes time to leave.
  • Make sure to provide childcare, if needed—designate an adult to entertain or supervise children during services or meetings.  We can offer some children’s activities; you may want to bring additional resources.  Allowing a child to bring a friend can relieve fears of boredom for them, and free parents to participate in the retreat.
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    Count Down to your Retreat

  • One month from your retreat

-Make sure all participants have given a deposit.

-Call camp to schedule any special program requests or changes.

  • Two weeks from your retreat

-Contact camp with your final confirmed attendance numbers.

-Contact camp with any special needs or dietary restrictions.

  • One day before your retreat

-The camp host will call the day prior to introduce themselves to you and touch base with your retreat coordinator.

"Sometimes you are just another person or group ... not at Camp Deerpark."

-A Guest