Refunds and the Fine Print


  • Refunds of 75% will be given up to and on May 1st.
  • Refunds of 25% will be given from May 2nd up to and on July 1st.

Exceptions:  Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.  Exceptions are not made for summer school, family vacations, or scheduling conflicts.  Situations such as a death in the family would warrant consideration if the situation was presented before the child's scheduled time at camp.

The Fine Print

(These guidelines, which we call "The Fine Print", are what parents agree to when they register their children.  We use these to help us navigate difficult situations.)

  • Registration is not complete until payment and a completed registration form are received in the camp office.
  • Early registration discounts are based on when payment and registration forms are received in the camp office.
  • Each camper must submit a completed “Camp Medical Form” two weeks prior to their arrival. Substitute forms are NOT acceptable.
  • Campers who do not submit a completed “Camp Medical Form” may not attend camp until the form is completed
  • Registration is non-transferable. Other children may not be substituted for the child on this form. Campers may not switch between weeks.
  • A camper whose behavior disrupts camp will be sent home and no refund will be given for the week he/she was removed.
  • If Camp Deerpark does not allow a child to return, a full refund will be given for the weeks that Camp Deerpark asks the child to not attend.
  • No refund will be given if those registering the child decided after July 1st not to send their child.
  • A camper whose medical condition is beyond the training of camp staff will be sent home and no refund given (bipolar, autistic, etc…).  Please contact the office if you have questions about the camp’s ability to handle your child’s issue.
  • When a child is sent home, those registering the child will be responsible to collect the child within the time frame given by camp, or camp will transport the child at the expense of those registering the child.