Capital Campaign Gifts

Camp is about people and Christ-centered community. It requires a facility that can serve the needs and mission safely and comfortably. Keeping up with such a facility is imperative to camp’s future.


In 2008 camp undertook its largest building project since its purchase, “A Time to Build” seeking to raise over $3 million to provide the promise of camp for future generations of campers. Presently, camp is striving to complete the final two cabins in the Promise Woods Village.


Funding will always be needed along with volunteers for the needs and improvements of existing structures. Capital campaign gifts are visionary and forward-thinking.

If brick and mortar results bring you joy, please mark “capital” in the gift use line on the donation form.

At the dedication of a Promise Woods Cabin. “The easy part is done.  Now the hard work of ministry in these cabins begins.”

-Edgar Stoesz

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