Land Stewardship

Camp opens doors to God’s creation for urban dwellers. The open space camp provides, the close-up experience of nature, the clean air, and the quiet. In this serenity, folks meet Jesus in a very special and personal way, seeing their creator through “what has been made”. Camp is committed to answering the command to be wise stewards of our resources and provide land enough to buffer the impact of urban life.


A recent land purchase to expand and protect the center of camp requires financial support, as does the added expense of making decisions to follow the road of wise conservation practices rather than the road of less expense. Camp Deerpark’s land preservation, forestry stewardship, and sustainable management practices are worth the occasional greater expense.

If maintaining open space and supporting conservation practices speaks to your heart, please enter “stewardship” on the use for line in the donation form.

“We can do church in the city.  We can worship, disciple new believers, train leaders, and teach the Bible.  But if we didn’t have Camp Deerpark, we would never experience nature and know the fullness of God.”

-Bishop Michael Banks